Posted by: outremanche | July 14, 2007

And so it begins….

Hello world.  Welcome to another of my cosy little corners of the web.  I’ve got several blogs stashed away in the dusty, never-visited recesses of the net, and I tend to update them sporadically depending on which one is my favourite of the moment. 

Writing the first entry in any blog is never easy.  As I’m sure many bloggers have discovered, in order to write a daily journal about your life you actually need to have a life first.  My life is pretty simple…  I spend my time translating to earn a living and wasting my money in bars. Like many British ex-pats over here in France, I love the French café culture.  Whether any of that is interesting enough for an online journal remains to be seen. 

To get this journal off to a flying start I’ll probably nick a few articles, rants and entries from my other blogs….  which explains the flurry of posts on this blog for July 14th 2007! I would like to claim that I woke up in an inspired “blogging” mood that day but in fact I woke up to find that it was a public holiday and all the shops were shut, and so I amused myself by copying some of my favourite articles from my other blogs to my new WordPress address.  If that’s not exciting enough I’ll probably defrag my hard drive afterwards.

The words “get a fucking life” come to mind for some reason.


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