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Update on my blog address…

Just a reminder that since last year my blog now lives at :

For those who’re interested, you can also pay a visit to my main site at    where you’ll find my distinctly unhumourous business website.

Have fun!



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It’s moved again !

Today’s address for my ever mobile blog is….

/at least it was last time I looked

//who cares, I’ve only got two readers anyhow

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The Nitpickers site – A shrine for movie moaners


If you’re the sort of person who delights in spoiling TV viewing for everyone else in the room by saying something like “Noooo waaaayyy would that happen in real life!” when…

  • The A-Team have a 10-minute gunfight with the evil property developer and his henchmen who are trying to force the old folks out of their home to build a car park, but no-one gets killed despite 15,000 rounds being fired and 3 grenades being thrown, or…
  • Jackie Chan simultaneouly fights eight ninjas and wins despite being tied-up AND drugged, or…
  • Some lantern-jawed hero in an action film has just escaped from the bad guy’s base by making his getaway through the sewers, but still has spotless clothes and perfectly combed hair afterwards

…then you urgently need a visit to where you will probably be glued for the rest of the day.  As the name suggests the site is a paradise on earth for movie nitpickers.  In addition to plot criticisms, the nitpicks include tons of howlers spotted by eagle-eyed viewers in even the best films: (“That Roman soldier by the door in the temple scene is wearing a watch…” or “You can see the camera crew’s reflection in the mirror just behind Sherlock Holmes”) through to more pseudo-scientific gripes  (“That craft could never fly in real life – the aerodynamics are all wrong!” or “The author clearly hasn’t understood the string theory, because…”).  The number of films listed is huge and appears to include all of the major productions and most of the lesser-known ones too.
Think you just saw a great film?  Go and check it out on the Nitpickers site and think again

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Things I love and hate about France: #1

escargot011.jpg  As a space filler, I’ve decided to list combinations of aspects that I love and hate about my adoptive country (in no particular order).  And here’s the first…

I love:
People who wear tight leather Jim Morrison-style trousers (which look especially good on curvy women and rather silly on men)

I hate:
People parking on pavements  all the time

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Banksy… Art terrorist


I stumbled across this website by accident and to be honest it was the high point of my day (speaks volumes for my day doesn’t it).  Although he and I are probably a zillion miles apart politically, I soaked up every last centimeter of his website.  Banksy – I don’t know who you are mate, but you’re the mutt’s nuts (just lay off the animals though). Shown here is just a teaser of what his website contains

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Cet obscur objet du désir…

bunuel-obscur-objet.jpg  Last night I watched “Cet Obscur Objet du Désir” by Luis Bunuel.  It’s been years since I last saw this film and it was like meeting up with an old friend.  I generally like all of Bunuel’s stuff for the sheer surrealism but also weirdly for the sound effects.  I don’t know how he does it but everyday sounds such as traffic roaring by at the start of “La Voie Lactée” or the simple sound of a man walking on a gravel path and tapping his cane in “Cet Obscur Objet du Désir” have an atmosphere all their own.

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And so it begins….

Hello world.  Welcome to another of my cosy little corners of the web.  I’ve got several blogs stashed away in the dusty, never-visited recesses of the net, and I tend to update them sporadically depending on which one is my favourite of the moment. 

Writing the first entry in any blog is never easy.  As I’m sure many bloggers have discovered, in order to write a daily journal about your life you actually need to have a life first.  My life is pretty simple…  I spend my time translating to earn a living and wasting my money in bars. Like many British ex-pats over here in France, I love the French café culture.  Whether any of that is interesting enough for an online journal remains to be seen. 

To get this journal off to a flying start I’ll probably nick a few articles, rants and entries from my other blogs….  which explains the flurry of posts on this blog for July 14th 2007! I would like to claim that I woke up in an inspired “blogging” mood that day but in fact I woke up to find that it was a public holiday and all the shops were shut, and so I amused myself by copying some of my favourite articles from my other blogs to my new WordPress address.  If that’s not exciting enough I’ll probably defrag my hard drive afterwards.

The words “get a fucking life” come to mind for some reason.